How to find investors for your startup?

How to find investors is a practical workshop guiding startup founders through the basic concepts of identifying investors for their projects.

Who is it for?

The aim is to help founders looking to raise money from professional investors at early stage levels in Europe. Ideally they have a product that generates business and need additional capital for growing faster. They can look locally, for investors active in only one particular European country, or across the whole continent. We got it covered either way.

What will you learn?

We want to provide answers to the following questions:

  • What stage is your startup?
  • What kind of options do you have?
  • Angels or VCs? Local or international investors?
  • What investors are the best for your startup?
  • Where to look and how to find investors?
  • What are investors looking for?
  • Are you ready to raise?
12 Dicembre2022
Evento digitale