Vertis SGR
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Vertis SGR


Indirizzo:17, Via Francesco Caracciolo
Telefono:+39 / 081 2404096
Contatto:Amedeo Giurazza

Politica investimento

Investimento minimo: 100000,00
Investimento massimo: 5000000,00
Preferenze geografiche: Nessuna
Focus di investimento:Early Stage
Preferenze di settore:Financial and insurance activities, ICT, Industrial products and services


Numero di Dirigenti:6
Numero di fondi:7
Totale capitale gestito:200 Mln Euro
Numero di compagnie in portafoglio:33


Vertis was founded in 2007 and since then it has been the only company in Southern Italy that manages private equity and venture capital funds. It is a dynamic and independent investment management company authorized by Bank of Italy. It manages seven closed-end funds for qualified investors by participating in research projects, spin-offs, startups, PMI and deals with the investments of the innovative Made in Italy. “Vertis Capital” and “Vertis Capital Parallel” are private equity funds, while “Vertis Venture”, “Vertis Venture 2 Scaleup”, “Vertis Venture 3 Technology Transfer”, “Vertis Venture 4 Scaleup Lazio” and “Vertis Venture 5 Scaleup” are venture capital funds. Thanks to its independence, track record and proprietary information, today Vertis has a leading position in the venture capital market and the investments in industrial and digital technologies, thus better identifying investment opportunities. As part of its strategic commitment, Vertis adopts sustainability principles in order to integrate ESG factors within and into its investment process.