Sefea Impact SGR
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Sefea Impact SGR


Indirizzo:42, Piazza De Gasperi
Telefono:+39 / 349 7549881
Contatto:Sara D’Aulerio

Politica investimento

Investimento minimo:300000,00
Investimento massimo:2000000,00
Preferenze geografiche:0
Focus di investimento:Expansion, Early Stage
Preferenze di settore:Other


Numero di Dirigenti:7
Numero di fondi:1
Totale capitale gestito:41 mln
Numero di compagnie in portafoglio:18


The company is adopting exclusively an impact investment strategy for all its Funds. Indeed, its Mission
is to spread an impact investing approach capable of generating positive changes for the wellbeing of the
communities, by placing among its investment criteria, alongside a fair economic return, the expansion
of people’s capabilities, of the “social capital” and the environmental sustainability as fundamental
opportunities to create value. The first Fund launched by Sefea Impact SGR SpA is the “Social Impact Fund”,
which is targeting social entrepreneurship and is aiming at selecting, enhancing and modelling businesses
producing goods and services with a social perspective, thus promoting the future leading actors in the
provision of solutions to the needs of society.