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Innogest SGR


Indirizzo:8, Via Fieno
Telefono:+39 / 3356353147
Contatto:Claudio Giuliano

Politica investimento

Investimento minimo: 1000000,00
Investimento massimo: 10000000,00
Preferenze geografiche: Nessuna
Focus di investimento:Expansion, Early Stage
Preferenze di settore:Industrial products and services, Healthcare


Numero di Dirigenti:8
Numero di fondi:4
Totale capitale gestito:200 Mln Euro
Numero di compagnie in portafoglio:25


With presence in Turin, Milan, Geneva and San Francisco, Innogest invests in high potential companies through equity, paying special attention to market potential. We are focused on companies targeting global opportunities in areas that improve peoples lives, and committed to supporting portfolio companies over a long period of time in order to develop their full potential. Highly qualified deal flow of >1,200 initiatives per year. Institutional and private LPs with expertise in Italian and EU private capital ecosystem and strong background in the sectors of interest. Pool of international Venture Partners involved in portfolio building, management and divestment.