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Cdp Venture Capital SGR


Indirizzo:220, Via Alessandria
Telefono:+39 / 06 421161
Contatto:Fabio De Seta

Politica investimento

Investimento minimo: Nessuno
Investimento massimo: Nessuno
Preferenze geografiche: Nessuna
Focus di investimento:Expansion, Early Stage
Preferenze di settore:None


Numero di Dirigenti:15
Numero di fondi:13
Totale capitale gestito:3.129 Bln Euro
Numero di compagnie in portafoglio:300


CDP Venture Capital is an asset management company (Sgr) owned 70% by CDP Equity Spa (the equity investment vehicle of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti) and 30% by Invitalia (Italian investment fund owned by Ministry of Economic Development) operates through 13 funds that invest directly and indirectly in startups, innovative SMEs and venture capital funds, with the aim of fostering the development of all players in the innovation chain. In addition, CDP Venture Capital has promoted the creation of a territorial infrastructure articulated in vertical acceleration programs through the National Accelerators Network and in National Technology Transfer Hubs, to enhance scientific research and transform laboratory projects with strong innovation potential into entrepreneurial realities, involving public and private actors including universities, research centers, companies and investors.
With more than 3 billion euros in assets under management, CDP Venture Capital is the largest VC asset manager in Italy.
CDP Venture Capital’s main activities focus on:
1. The expansion of direct and indirect investments, investing in existing VC funds and first-time-team/first-time-funds. CDP Venture Capital’s funds cover the entire life cycle of startups and aim for ecosystem growth at every stage;
2. The support of the Venture Capital infrastructure in Italy, capable of stimulating the birth and growth of startups and the development of new entrepreneurship, increasing the competitiveness of the Country;
3. The development of the Italian market by attracting new investors, including foreign ones, to the VC asset class by promoting a new culture of Venture Capital and entrepreneurship;
4. The expansion and strengthening of the community by bringing together corporates, investors and startups by fostering the exchange of ideas to pursue new opportunities and networking opportunities, working in synergy with operators, institutions and market players both nationally and internationally.