8a+ Investimenti SGR
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8a+ Investimenti SGR


Indirizzo:4, P.za Monte Grappa
Telefono:0332 251411
Contatto:Andrea Pastorelli

Politica investimento

Investimento minimo: 500,00
Investimento massimo: Nessuno
Preferenze geografiche: Nessuna
Focus di investimento:All Stages
Preferenze di settore:None


Numero di Dirigenti:0
Numero di fondi:10
Totale capitale gestito:500 Mln Euro
Numero di compagnie in portafoglio:0


Established in 2006 and active in the management of UCIs, AIFs and segregated managed accounts, 8a+ Investimenti SGR S.p.A. also provides advisory services and is the Management Company of 8a+ Sicav.
For over 15 years 8a+ has been taking care of its clients’ savings, through a wide range of financial instruments to satisfy different investment needs. Starting from the end of 2019, in conjunction with the opening of Private Markets also to private investors, 8a+ has developed new innovative products dedicated to the real economy in partnership with Banca Generali within the BG4Real project.