Poste Italiane
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Poste Italiane


Indirizzo:175, Viale Europa
Telefono:+39 / 06 59585015
Contatto:Alessandro Leonardi


Poste Italiane is now the largest logistics operator in Italy, and is a leading player in the financial, insurance and payment services sector. The Company plays an important role in the country, making a strong contribution to the production chain and the national economy: by investing and operating together with other operators in its value chain, it generates positive results not only through its own business, but also by generating externalities through the activation of a local supply chain. Our values are customer satisfaction, trust, ethics, integration, professionalism, a can-do attitude and innovation, with the aim of fostering the spread of a culture befitting Poste Italiane’s tradition and history in Italy. With a turnover of over €12 billion, a Market revenue of €10.5 billion, an EBIT of €1.5 billion, a Net profit of €1.2 billion and a CAPEX of €680 million, (Data source: Annual Report 2020) the Group’s activities generate significant impacts on the country in terms of Gross Domestic Product, tax revenues, employment and household income. These impacts are the effect of the involvement of many local companies – many of them small and medium-sized – in the supply chain and investment activities in Italian companies and government bonds. Supporting both public and private actors, Poste Italiane contributes to the development of the entire national economy.